Request a valuation for sale or lettings.

The guide to selling your home:

  1. Ask us for a valuation! One of our valuers can be there when ever is best to suit you. We will recommend what to price the property at and inform you of the fee’s and process. Don’t be afraid to ask their advice on prepping your home before it goes on the market.
  1. Look into the financials, thinking about what you need to achieve by selling this property. We can assist you if you want some mortgage advice.
  1. Decide when would be best for you to get your property on the market.
  1. Instruct the agent.
  1. Get viewers in – If you would prefer us to do viewings this is all included in our fee. Make sure your house is clean, tidy and presentable before anyone comes to look!
  1. Get an offer on your property, we will negotiate to get you the best price and make sure the financials work for you.
  1. Instruct your solicitors. We can assist you by hunting for the best quote possible.
  1. Steam through the legals. We know this can be the most stressful part of the process but give it time and we will guide you through it as smoothly as possible.
  1. Exchange contracts and complete the sale.